Your ultimate festival experience made careless with EXIRE

EXIRE is a platform designed for festivals all over the world. The platform will provide registration (purchase of tickets) to festivals directly on the EXIRE website or the app. For the development of the EXIRE Platform funds are required and the best incentive for investors is the outlook on gaining value in their investment.

EXIRE is required for the use of the platform that will provide the careless experience of going to a festival. The raise of price per EXIRE won't affect users since the costs of tickets, food and drinks will be scaled to the dollar price.Would mean that when a festival wants 50 USD for a ticket, that would equal to 50 EXIRE.

When the price per EXIRE rises due high demand, it would only mean that the 50 USD ticket that the festival charges is 25 EXIRE in the app or on the website. This gives the holders of EXIRE also the following advantage: by helping to increase the popularity of the platform, they will see an increase in value of their own EXIRE since you will be needing to spend less EXIRE on the same items as the price increases.So you will have to buy EXIRE to use the platform and by EXIRE being bought, limited supply, rising value, it means basically cheaper prices and more value for your money.

All you need is in your hand with the EXIRE Platform App

You won't need anything else other than the EXIRE Platform to start all your unforgettable festival experiences


See all the new festivals added daily to the platform and keep up with the news!


Hit heart, hit love. All the events that you liked!


All your personal settings, purchases and more to personalize the platform.


Check and up your balance, live exchange rate of EXIRE and your access to your wallet.

Being free has never been so easy with the EXIRE NFC Bracelet

The EXIRE platform aims to bring a complete experience of festival without having to carry any cash or physical wallet to your destination of party and excitement.

The EXIRE bracelet is the solution for having any unwanted bagage with you at places where you don't want tohave anything on you at all!The EXIRE bracelet will have a NFC-chip that you can connect and disconnect to your EXIRE account at all times so you can make your payments directly from your EXIRE balance. Purchasing tickets, food and drinks, all within the same platform designed for the festivals with discounts, bonuses and exclusive access to VIP arrangements, meetings or area's and even more.

What is on our ROADMAP?

We are in talks with certain organizations for strategic partnerships that can influent the development and order of the roadmap

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